Questions & Answers...

Ask me about getting a free mini maternity session if you're expecting.


Walgreen's and Wal-Mart won't print the photos on my CD. Now what do I need to do?
Just send me an email and I will send you a photographer's release. You can also view it on your smartphone by going to and showing the lab tech the release. It's that easy...


What should we wear to our photo shoot?
I like to photograph people casually and naturally. Wear what you're comfortable in. Blue or black jeans or slacks and khakis work best. Avoid busy prints and colors for your shirts and blouses. Common colors are creams, whites, grays and blues. Really, any colors will work and by combining different shades of the same color you will have a pleasing portrait.


Can I change my outfits for my Senior Portrait Session?
Change your outfits as much as you want. Usually guys and gals will change once or twice. First they will start with a more formal look and then tone it down to a more casual look. Remember, this is just a suggestion. YOU can choose your outfits based on YOUR personality. If you're in sports, bring the jerseys along. 


How long until I can see my photos?
Usually between 1 -2 weeks, depending on my workflow. I take my time to edit and tweak your final photos to give you beautiful results. Remember, patience is a virtue...your photos will be worth the wait!


Can I print photos from my custom mobile photo app?
No. Your mobile photo app is just for sharing your photos. Think of it as a digital brag book to share with family and friends.